A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A game that was made during the Gamechanger gamejam 2014, the case was Human Trafficking and we made this game to try and raise awareness about this issue.

The goal of the game is for the player to first have some fun and then after a play session sit and reflect on the situation in the world and what it is they have just done.

We hope that more people will get to know about how big an issue human trafficking is and maybe some will actually try and make a difference

You get missions to recruit people for trafficking and when you select a person you can affect them in different ways to lower their resistance to being recruited. Action buttons are on the left of the screen when you have selected a person

Houses: if someone goes in to a house, they will be immune until they come back out, a small number on the house indicates how many people are currently inside.

When you complete a mission you will get a new one and will have to keep going as long as you can to try and earn as much money as possible.

You only need a mouse to play the game

Install instructions

Download, unzip, play :)


trafficKingWin.zip 9 MB
trafficKingMac.zip 16 MB
trafficKingLinux.x86.zip 18 MB